Flashings in Auckland

Flashing is an essential part of good roof construction. It makes your roof look complete but it also has an absolutely critical practical function – waterproofing and weatherproofing your building. If it is not done correctly water will get into places where it shouldn’t be and will cause major problems. That’s why you need a specialist roof contractor who has extensive experience installing flashings in Auckland.

At Roofco we install flashing on residential and commercial buildings. Whatever your requirements you will know that the job is done right. This means leaving a top quality finish and ensuring that the area is completely waterproof. Quality is guaranteed and we always complete our work to the highest levels of specification.

Where We Install Flashing

  • Where heating stacks, pipes and chimneys pass through roofs
  • At the joins between exterior walls and roofs
  • Where roof slopes intersect
  • Around skylights, roof vents and other roof structures and installations
  • At the perimeters and connection points of flat roofs

Top Quality Materials

The Flashings we use on our projects are in a Colorsteel, Colorcote or Zincalume finish.. A number of finishes are available so you will get something that matches the style of your building. This means we offer expert flashing installation using industry-leading products, but we keep our prices low. Call us today to get your free quote – you will be surprised at how affordable top quality flashing can be.

If you need flashings in Auckland don’t take any risks – contact the experts at Roofco. Call 09 294 6399.